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Use Unaddressed Direct Mail Advertising to Gain Customers and Increase Sales.

We can make unaddressed mail advertising work for you by designing, printing, and mailing your colourful, attention-getting postcards to targeted consumers or businesses. Here’s how:

Advertise with Carrier Route/Saturation Mailing:

Grow your business by advertising with full color post cards, sent unaddressed by Canada Post to homes or businesses in your designated geographic area(s). It's easy! We take care of everything.

Simply give us your budget, and we will tell you how many prospects you can reach in your targeted area. Your  cost will be composed of a Canada Post fee of about 16.8 cents per card mailed, a mailing administration fee, and a cost for the cards. Advertise to the neighbours of your best customers, or a whole new neighbourhood.

Great response rates:

70% of Canadians are receptive to card/flyers in the mail, and 33% of Canadians prefer promotional advertising by mail. Direct mail advertising response rates outperform email by 30 times, and return on investment for direct mail is more than twice as high as for other traditional media, such as newspaper and radio ads.

No other medium can put you in touch with 100% of Canadians in your targeted area. 10% of local consumers move every year, and they  may be looking for a supplier like you.

Track your results:

With Unaddressed Direct Mail Advertising, you can measure customer responses, and analyze where your best results come from, allowing you to refine and improve future campaigns.

95% of Canadians open their mail the day they get it, making direct mail advertising one of the most reliable ways to ensure your audience receives your message