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Addressed Admail

 Advertising with Addressed Admail

Generate demand and increase sales by mailing your advertising directly to clients or prospects on a mailing list. Offer new products or services, promote sales events, or present special discounts or coupons. Direct marketing with addressed mail is a time-tested, effective, and affordable way to reach targeted audiences with advertising.

95% of Canadians open their mail the day they receive it. Direct mail response rates outperform email by 30 times. Marketing with addressed mail is one of the most reliable ways for a companies to present consumers with compelling offers.

We take care of everything for you by printing, addressing and mailing your advertising cards. We also provide convenient in-house graphic design services. Our cost to address and mail your cards by Canada Post is only 66¢ per card, far less than the cost of a stamp. Refer to our all-in-one prices for various cards sizes below. Call us at 1-800-479-2384 (416-694-7125), or email us at info@paulsencommunications.com for free quotations for card sizes or volumes not listed below.