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Plastic Gift Cards

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About our cards

Our gift cards that are made from PVC, one of the strongest and long-lasting plastics on the market today. Our cards are four color (full coluor) litho printed with Heidleberg machines (same process as credit card production not digital thermal printing). No production setup fees. Plastic cards at affordable prices.

Plastic Cards

The 30mil plastic card is a thicker plastic card. It is essentially the same as a credit card in terms of size and thickness. There are many functional ways to use this type of card

Clear Cards

Clear PVC is a transparent version of PVC that is used to create cards with see through areas.

Frosted Cards

Frosted cards have a special textured look, and they have gained popularity due to the types of special effects that are incorporated into the design. Any image can be printed on our frosted cards, and they will definitely give you the advantage of a high-impact first impression.

Matt Cards

Our matt cards have a flat finish if you’re looking for a non glossy card.

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Boost sales. Promote your business. Make gift giving convenient for your customers.

Plastic gift cards play an indispensable role in the shopping experience of today’s consumers and are one of the fastest growing segments of the gift industry. Offering a plastic gift card gives your customers an easy choice when they need a gift and guarantees that those who receive your gift card will patronize your business and become potential repeat customers.

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Lamination makes the cards inkjet printable, so if you want to print on the cards at your end, then need lamination for the cards, otherwise the cards can not be printed on well.

Loco Magnetic Strip or HiCo Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Stripes, aka Mag Strips are strips that store data on the back of a card. The data on the strips is readable when the card is passed through a reader like a POS terminal. The data can be encoded onto the card during the printing process or left blank to be encoded by the customer.
Two types of Mag Stripes are available HiCo and LoCo. HiCo stands for High Coercivity (2700 upto 4000 Oe) and LoCo for Low Coercivity (300 Oe), indicating the density of the magnetic particles in the stripe. The correct type and size of Mag Stripe is determined by the equipment you will be using to read the cards.


A Bar Code is a graphic representation of a number and/or letters that is readable by a scanner, the actual numbering/letters are usually printed above or below the bar code. There are three common types of bar codes, Type 128, Type 39 and UPC. For variable data (every card has a unique bar code) 128 and 39 are most popular. UPC is usually used when all the cards have the same bar code, and in this case the bar code can be added as part of the artwork. The actual bar code needed is determined by the scanner and application that will process the data. 
To ensure 100% production and to be able to reprint cards, if some are damaged, a consecutive number is printed on each card that corresponds to the barcode numbers.

Inkjet Numbering

Cards can be sequentially numbered, perfect for membership card

Emboss Number

Raised lettering and numbers on the front of the card tipped in Silver or Gold colors. Information can be variable (different on each card) or static and have the same
look and feel as a regular credit card.

Hot Stamping

Traditional hot foil stamping  will give you unique and timeless look to your gift  card with gold or silver foil stamped. There are different colours and finishes available in hot foil.  

Scratch Off

Scratch-offs are areas on the back of the card that conceal readable information (PIN) until scratched off with a coin or fingernail. The information is usually variable (different on each card) and can be made up of numbers and/or letters that are ink jetted onto the card during the printing process. The scratch-off itself can be of one of two types, Label or Hot Stamp. The difference is in the level of security each type offers, Labels are lower in security and are recommended for fund raisers, raffles, contests, marketing mailings etc., Hot Stamp is higher in security and is recommended for phone cards, pre-paid cards, lotteries etc. 

Signature Panel

A Signature Panel is an area or areas on the card that are writable with a ballpoint pen.

Encoding for Magnetic Stripe

Cards can be custom encoded during production to your specifications, saving you time from having to encode them on your end.

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The perfect gift. A gift card from your store.

Attractive, high quality gift cards enhance your business’s reputation and have a positive impact on sales and profits, whether you are an independent retail store or a large multi-national chain. Custom gift cards are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and an easy way to gain referrals and new customers. It's a win-win situation for all.

We make it easy to get great looking gift cards

Plastic Gift Cards