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Business Cards - Full Colour

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Size Options

2"`x 3.5" is the standard size for a business card. 

4" x 3.5"  is scored so the 4`` side folds in half. When folded, the card is 2"`x 3.5".

2" x 7"  is scored so the 7" side folds in half. When folded, the card is 2" x 3.5".

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Paper  Stock

14 pt Coated Card Stock: A sturdy,  heavy quality, coated paper for cards. Coated paper has a slightly whiter, smoother finish than uncoated paper. Used for Business Cards, Postcards, Rack Cards, Presentation Folders, or Greeting Cards.

16 pt Coated Card Stock: About 15% thicker and heavier than 14 pt. Also used for Business Cards, Postcards, Rack Cards, Presentation Folders, or Greeting Cards

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Finishes/Coatings on Business Cards with Full Color on Both Sides

UV, Low Gloss Aqueous or Matt coatings amplify colors, provide smoother finishes, and help protect the surface of cards or flyers. 
UV  is a high-gloss coating. It improves thickness, durability (scuff resistance) and shows more vibrant colors. You can not write on a UV coating. UV can be on one side or both sides of the card. 

Aqueous coating is low gloss and not as thick as UV.  It is a little shinier/glossier than matt, and can be written on with a ball point pen. Aqueous coating is on both sides of the card. 
Matt is a thin, dull or flat, no-gloss finish, without lustre. It may be marginally easier to read text through its non-shiny surface. You can write on it. 


Standard corners are square

Rounded corners have a 1/8 inch radius.

Round corners are not available on folding business cards.

Graphic Design

Express Layout Service:  Includes up to 3 digitally supplied images,  text, and up to 2 design proofs by email or fax.

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Business Cards

A person’s business card can be considered one of the most important marketing tools that he/she has. With it, you are giving your contact information to potential clients or existing customers to encourage their loyalty. In order for the business card to do its desired job, it must be professional, attractive and memorable.

Business Cards               - Full Colour