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Submitting your artwork.

All images must be CMYK and at least 300 dpi.

Card Products and Brochures

We require 1/16th of an inch of bleed on all sides. (0.0625)
This allows us to trim your product with full bleed.
Please keep text 1/8th of an inch away from the trim lines, and if you plan on using borders on the edges of your image, they should be at least ¼ of an inch. As the trimming process can vary 1/32 of on inch either way, we suggest staying away from borders, as 1/32 of an inch on the outside of one edge and 1/32 on the inside of the opposite edge would result in borders that are visually off. Very very slight, but some people would notice it.

If you plan on using a black background, create a rich black which consists of the following values.

Without using rich black, your blacks will appear lighter than what you see on your screen.


Create your document .125 of an inch larger than the trim size. (0.0625 bleed on each side x 2)

As an example, for a 4x6 postcard, your image size should be 4.125x6.125.
Add guides 1/16th of an inch in on all 4 sides, and that is your trim size.

In photoshop, your space should be CMYK, 8 bit and start your document off at 300 pixels.inch

You can send us a flattened tif once you’ve approved the file to print.


When working in Indesign, you can create a ready to print pdf with bleed quickly and easily.

Create new document.
For Page Size, enter the dimensions of the trim size. (4x6)
Margins, enter .25 and this is your safe area. Please keep text within the margin area, or make borders as thick as the margin area.

Set bleed to .0625 on top, bottom, inside and outside.

Exporting a print ready PDF.

File – Adobe PDF Presets – PDF/X-1A
Select destination folder for your finished PDF and name it.
In the export Adope PDF screen, you have several options.
    Marks and Bleeds

Select Marks and Bleeds
    In this section you will see Bleed and Slug.
    Tick off the selection to “Use Document Bleed Settings”
    The area under this should populate with 0.0625 in for all 4 sides.



Create new document.
For Page Size, enter the dimensions of the trim size. (4x6)
You can set your margins manually with rulers once you’ve created your document.

Set bleed to .0625 on top, bottom, inside and outside.
Colour mode should be CMYK and Raster Effects High (300 ppi)

If you are sending ai or eps files to print, all fonts must be converted to curves.

We recommend creating a PDF from Illustrator.

File – Save As – PDF

Change the Adobe PDF Preset to PDF/X-1A
In Marks and Bleeds click on Use Document Bleed Settings
Save PDF