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Text, Email and Phone Messaging



Our personalized text messages customizable, so they look like they are coming directly from your staff. Not only will your patients remember their appointment, they will feel like you remembered them! We can personalize each text with whatever information you'd like on each message. Text messaging is rapidly becoming the preferred method of contact for many people.



Great looking HTML emails that get delivered! With personalized subjects and fully customized options within the email, our emails get delivered and get read. All of our email designs are tested for compatibility on over 40 different devices, so they look great on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. With one click we can direct your patients to your booking calendar, website or open their email client to send you an email. We can even help you manage all "unsubscribe" requests.



We offer one of the most natural sounding automated phone messaging systems available. If your patients prefer a phone call over a text or email, our custom, natural voice engine will deliver an appointment reminder that sounds and feels like a call from one of your staff. With optional messages for live pick up and answering machines, we can even provide your patients with "Live Transfer" that allows them to instantly connect to your office.



We've been delivering results with reminder cards for over 19 years. We personalize your reminder card on the front and the back, and FREE professional design is always included. You can even send us a photo of your building, the people in your practice or something local in your community. We can add maps, logos and even supplier logos to take advantage of co-op advertising dollars that may be available for your practice. Our clients all say the same thing. Our reminder cards make their phones ring.